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New Home

No new home is complete without a beautiful front and back yard — that doesn’t mean that it should cost you a fortune! We offer affordable packages for all the gardens and outdoor living areas you could need to make your new house feel like home.

Front of lot

The front of your lot says a lot about your home— make sure it’s saying good things!

If you’re looking to create a spectacular entrance, you’ve come to the right place. We help clients across Melbourne’s Western and Northern suburbs to construct beautiful landscapes for the front of their lot.


Before we bring your landscaping to life, it can sometimes help to see it first. We use the latest digital mock-up technology so that we can show you exactly what your landscaping project will look like when finished and can take on board any feedback you have, revising your design until it is just right.

Natural Turf

Need some new natural turf? We’re the ones who can help! We carry all sorts of natural grass to suit your landscape and needs.

Artificial Turf

Tired of looking after your lawn and all the upkeep that goes into keeping it tidy? We supply high-quality artificial turf that you will never have to water or mow. Safe for pets and children

Mass Planting

We offer mass planting services for commercial and industrial clients looking to bring a little life to otherwise empty areas. We have extensive knowledge of what plants thrive in which conditions and how they will look when fully grown — this means that our designers can deliver mass planting that suits the space and will look good for years to come.

Nature Strip

Looking for a maintenance-free option for your nature strip? We supply a range of toppings to suit any style so that you can enjoy the aesthetic and have peace of mind.


Before we can build something great, we sometimes have to tear things down. We have fully trained and licensed excavation operators ready to excavate your site so that we don’t have to wait to start your project.


Looking for a little privacy? Our decorative screening options are the perfect way to create a secluded area for yourself and your loved ones that is stylish and practical.

Veggie Gardens

Veggie gardens are a great way to encourage healthy eating and spend more time outside. If you want to grow a veggie patch but have no idea where to start, we can help set you up for success.


Hydroseeding is a quick, efficient way to seed lawns, involving the use of a specialised hydroseeder to spread a slurry of seed, mulch, water, fertiliser and any soil additives evenly across the area. Great for residential and commercial properties alike!

We recommend this process over sod or grass seed due to the speed of growth and the quality of the results.

Mulch blowing

We offer mulch blowing to residential, commercial and industrial clients, using our specialised mulch blowing equipment to carefully (and evenly) cover the required area. This delivers the most efficient, professional and aesthetic results.