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Caroline Springs landscaping transformed by garden. I was amazed by the end result and I can now actually enjoy my backyard in a way that was previously impossible. Any excuse is now good enough to have a barbeque and show off the transformation that took place.

Daniel – Keilor Downs

When we moved into our new home in Plumpton we needed to find a landscaper that would give us a range of option and designs that suited our needs. We had a list of expenses when we moved in that were not classed as inclusions with our house and land package (blinds, air con, concrete etc.) so we were on a tight budget, but still wanted a nice outdoor area. After numerous consultations, we agreed upon a design that we were happy with, but more importantly, met our budget requirements. Caroline Springs Landscaping communicated every last detail and amazed us with the end result. New lawns, garden beds, walkways, planting – you name it, they did it! I have recommended them to all of my friends who were blown away at the landscaping that transpired on such a shoe string budget at our home in Plumpton!

Con – Plumpton

I had seen a natural lawn installation that was completed by Caroline Springs Landscaping at a neighbouring property, and knew right away that I wanted that replicated for my yard. I received multiple quotations prior and Caroline Springs Landscaping was by far the most informative and professional. The job was quoted in extreme detail and I understood everything that was being proposed regarding the lawn installation. We decided upon Sir Walter Buffalo and glad that we had the experts complete the whole process as it looks amazing! I now understand why Caroline Springs Landscaping have such a fantastic reputation in the western suburbs of Melbourne!

Ishant – Caroline Springs

When we moved into our new house and land package, we were shocked to learn that the front and backyard was an unappealing mud pit – No beautiful garden that we had seen on the shiny brochures. With the help of Caroline Springs Landscaping, we were able to finish off our home and make it the envy of our neighbours. They offered a range of options to match our budget and completed the work to a professional standard. No more walking mud on the new carpet, no more looking out the window at an uninspiring waste land. It is truly amazing!

Maria – Taylors Hill

I had weighed up the idea of using synthetic turf for a while, and it’s true, I am a convert. I tried to grow my own lawn with seeds but it just grew in patches, required constant watering and gradually turned into weeds rather than grass. I had Caroline Springs Landscaping install Artificial turf at my home in Taylors Hill and now I no longer need to water or weed, and I even got rid of my lawn mower and whipped snipper all together! I wish I had just done that to start with!

Andrew – Taylors Hill